$100.00 Horse Shipping Minimum / show
  • Show Day Fees = $75 per day
  • Single Day = $100 per day
  • Room arrangements and expenses for the trainers and grooms will be divided, pro-rated, among those customer’s horses attending the show.
  • A client with an account balance over sixty days past due will have services suspended until balance is paid in full.
  • A service charge of $25 per month will be added to any unpaid balance over 30 days.
  • All bills are due by the 15th of each month.
  • Professional Rides in show ring will be charged and paid directly to trainer at $35 per ride.

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Non-Show Board

$1400.00 / month
  • Four lessons per month.
  •  Stall bedding | Feed and Hay
  •  Daily maintenance and turn-out.
  •  Tack up service | Post-ride care | Tack Cleaning
  • Additional Lessons = $35 per class
  • Additional Training Rides = $25 per ride
  • Quarterly Supply Charge = $50
  • Supplements are the responsibility of the owner. We will be happy to feed them to your horse.
  • A 10% Commission of the sale price is our customary fee for leasing, buying, or selling your horse.

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